Although “www” is an abbreviation for World Wide Web, it could also stand for three main principles of Marketing – Who, What, and Why (and in this new Mobile world also, Where). A website needs to clearly state these points in order to perform well as tool to attract customers and generate sales.

Informative titles and clear descriptions are a must on a company website. Whether you are selling actual products, ideas, services or a brand, it is important to give visitors an immediate sense of who you are.

Too often, I see websites with a few images and a catchy headline or two- without any substantial information to tell the visitor where they are and why they should stay. Specific content can inform and educate potential customers and visitors (as well as search engines) about who you are and why you are the best.

Who are you?

Visitors to your website can be coming from any number of places. They may have clicked on an ad or a search result. They may be looking for businesses similar to yours in their area. Or they might be doing research for an article or other form of press. Whatever the reason, they want to know who you are and they want to know it quickly.

We recommend always including a paragraph of text on your website homepage that encapsulates who you are, as a business or company. In addition to images, videos and catchy titles, this paragraph will give visitors an instant summary of where they are. This will help them determine whether or not they should stay and can ultimately lead to a conversion event (perhaps a phone call, purchase or visit to your physical business).

What are you selling?

Tell your site visitors what you are selling. Whether it is actual products available for online purchase or a variety of services, give them all the information they need to make a decision. Explain exactly what you have to offer and go a step further to explain why you are the best choice (better than your competition). Having dedicated pages to each product or service will allow visitors to learn about your business to the depth that they require.

Get Specific

Dedicate pages on your website to the specific items you have available. If you sell evergreen trees, be sure to include a general page that talks about the different types. Then, go a step further and include a page (with photos and descriptions) for each different type of evergreen tree that you sell. This will greatly improve your site’s performance on search engines and will help buyers looking for specific trees to get right where they need to be.

Links, links and more links

Adding links throughout your site helps users to quickly get to the right page that they need to make a purchase (or other conversion event). Linking within your site also improves SEO performance. If you tell site visitors that you sell a large selection of evergreen trees, link to all the pages that talk about the different types of trees you sell! You can link to your contact page or to directions to your physical business. Linking within your site makes it easier for visitors to turn into customers!


No matter what your website’s goal, specific descriptions and clear content can help you reach it. Learn more about great content writing by clicking here. The team at Everbearing Services is always here to help you improve your site’s performance through great web content. Contact us today!

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