Our Team

Ron McCabe

Ron is the founder of Everbearing Services. He is an internationally recognized SEO (search engine optimization) expert specializing in the horticultural industry. He and his team help horticultural companies, including independent garden centers, landscapers, arborists, and horticultural wholesalers improve their online visibility and customer engagement.

His team also sets up and manages eCommerce, social media, and newsletters for Everbearing Services clients. Ron and Everbearing services have an active and growing SEO and digital advertising practice. Ron and his team actively support horticultural companies with their digital marketing needs.

Along with the team at Everbearing Services, he continues to develop innovative web marketing techniques to improve the use of these platforms for businesses.  He works to manage the Everbearing team and operations while seeking out new tools to provide solutions for our clients.

Ron is an active gardener and member of the horticultural community. He also enjoys cooking and is interested in growing and cooking heirloom vegetables. He supports many local non-profits and organizations that assist individuals in gaining personal independence.

Ron served on the national board of Ampleharvest.org, a non-profit that connects home gardeners with local food pantries nationwide. He is also on the Portland chapter board for Oregon Landscape Contractors Association (OLCA). In addition, he is also the vice president of the King County Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP) Chapter and supports the WALP state board on its digital marketing needs.

Chris Meyers

Chris studied graphic design at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. He earned a Bachelor of Science in graphic design with a minor in Business. His work emphasizes branding, web design, business marketing, advertising and product environment enhancement. He is a skilled graphic designer, digital artist and creative consultant. He designs logos and websites for all types of businesses.

Chris is an excellent designer and brings his fantastic eye to many websites, including this one! Chris designed the Everbearing Services website December of 2012. Much of his work spreads from Oregon to California with much of his experience being in web design, retail enhancement, business branding and print design.

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