Quality Assurance

  • Give your customers and leads a hassle-free experience
  • Ensure a smooth web site launch
  • Validate new features before going live with your web site
  • Reduce deployment costs 

The quality of your new website is very important to us. It directly reflects on your company and ours so we always aim to do our very best.  We have developed processes to ensure a smooth launch for your new site or application.

We carefully test every page and every link on the site to make sure things are working properly and formatting as they should. We test across all major browsers, to check for compatibility and function, before releasing the site. This includes Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and more. For further quality assurance, we can bring in a third party tester (available on request) to ensure seamless functionality.

We develop our sites in a private area so that you can review everything before your web site is launched for public viewing. We always get final approval from you before we launch a new site.

The value and utility of your new website is very important to us and we take all reasonable measures to make certain that it is up to our standards and yours. To learn more about our Policies and Procedures, please click here.

Bundle Sites

All of the features of an Express Site, plus additional features at a special bundled price to help you quickly launch your website and expand your web presence.

Custom Sites

With custom websites you have a greater range of services and benefits that can be presented through your website to best meet your budget.

Express Sites

These websites range in various forms and layouts that cover your budget needs. These sites range from brochure websites to folio websites.
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