Mobile Web

An effective mobile web plan will help you:

  • Connect with one of the fastest growing segments of web users
  • Get more mobile customers
  • Make it easier for customers to contact you
  • Allow customers to take action no matter where they are

We can help you access the fastest growing audience on the web. The use of mobile devices has absolutely exploded in recent years and shows no signs of stopping. 65% of internet users in America utilize mobile phones to access the web and 25% of internet users exclusively use their mobile phones. Some estimate that the use of apps on tablets and mobile devices will quickly challenge broadcast television as the main source for media consumption.

Because mobile devices work differently (and have much smaller screens) than laptops or home computers, each website must be adapted to be compatible on smart phones, tablets and other handheld tools. Mobile phones have limited data plans and cannot download large amounts of information quickly so it is crucial to format them for quick downloading and ease of use.

Whether you are building a brand new site or adapting an existing one for mobile devices, our team has the tools and strategies to help you successfully transition your web presence to mobile. We can optimize your website to accommodate various mobile web tools by simplifying and streamlining the look, feel and navigation. We can generate mobile-compatible web copy that grabs attention quickly for on-the-go users. We format it to download quickly while increasing visibility and optimizing user-friendly features like tap-able links for touch screens.

Bundle Sites

All of the features of an Express Site, plus additional features at a special bundled price to help you quickly launch your website and expand your web presence.

Custom Sites

With custom websites you have a greater range of services and benefits that can be presented through your website to best meet your budget.

Express Sites

These websites range in various forms and layouts that cover your budget needs. These sites range from brochure websites to folio websites.
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