The Evergreen Nursery, a beautiful retail garden center in San Leandro, CA, took advantage of the EBS 360 Tour Connections service! Check out their beautiful new Virtual Tour! Scroll and click in all directions to see the entire nursery tour!


We know that the visual appeal of your store or business matters. It increases the attraction of your products while helping customers feel at home and find what they need. Now, there is a new technology that will give potential customers a peek into the aesthetics of your business from their computer or mobile device!

Everbearing has partnered with Google to bring you EBS 360° Tour Connections!

Google’s 360° Virtual Tour technology allows potential customers to get an inside peek into your business to help them decide if they want to come visit you. This allows them to get a better picture of what you have to offer and is a new cutting edge technology that is sure to impress. The 360° Virtual Tour can be of the inside and/or outside of your business to showcase all the best features and give potential customers an idea of what to expect.

This technology has the power to increase conversion rates by 50-70%. This means that new and potential customers are MUCH more likely to call, contact or visit your business if have the virtual tour as part of your Google presence. It improves your visibility in Google search results and draws people in!


The Google 360° Virtual Tour is perfect for:

  • Garden Centers
  • Boutiques
  • Apparel stores
  • Retail centers
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Offices

How do you get a 360° Virtual Tour?

This is a simple and easy process! Once you commit to getting the 360° Virtual Tour, a certified photographer will come to your business and take all the necessary photos on a day that works for you. After that, the photos will be edited and composited to create the virtual tour of your business on Google.

This tour will show up as part of your business listing on the Google directory and will show up in the right hand side of search results when potential customers search for terms related to your business (as pictured). They can click on the photos to take a 360° tour! They can scroll through the photos from a list at the bottom or click and drag the mouse to see the full tour all at once. This new technology truly shows them the inside of your world! Click here to see a wonderful example of a Google Maps 360° Virtual Tour.


Everbearing Services can help!

If you are unsure or too busy to get this service going, we can step in and mitigate for you. As a Google Partner, we are networked with the right Google-certified photographers to help you decide how best to represent your business for the photo shoot. We will answer all questions you might have and make sure that the tour displays correctly in search results.

Contact us today with your questions!

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