Measuring Customer Experience Can Build Customer Loyalty.

Understanding your customer is vital to maintaining and improving loyalty. The consumer shopping experience has become the #1 differentiator for businesses this year, but most business leaders do not have a standard set of customer experience metrics.

Everbearing Services recommends and utilizes satisfaction surveys’ as a tool for measuring and improving customer loyalty. We know what metrics work and we partner with you with you to develop a standard for your business.

Maintaining existing customers loyalty is crucial for sustaining a business’s profitability. Over time and as markets mature loyal customers become more profitable. The periodic measuring of customer satisfaction is important as a frustrated customer is not likely to remain loyal as time goes by.

Satisfaction measures should be augmented with customer behavior assessments like:

  • Annual retention rates
  • Purchasing frequency
  • Total customer purchase percentages

Dissatisfied or defecting customers can provide valuable feedback as well – as they send out a strong message telling a business exactly where improvements are needed.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure – and what could be more important than understanding your customer loyalty?

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