With Social Media, as with any media and any ad campaign, these four basic marketing concepts need to be determined and addressed; 1) Who you want to engage, 2) Why you want to engage them, 3) What action you want them to take, and 4) How you want to engage them (which tools you employ).

First, consider the actions you want people to take when they visit your site or social media. Determine what you would consider Content success… such as; getting visitors to subscribe to newsletters from a content page, directing traffic to conversion-friendly landing pages or shopping carts, or having people click to download coupons or free trials from content pages.

After you decide the actions you want people to take, next consider who would take those steps. Work on your audience profile (demographics) so you can identify the Content types, style and tone that will attract and engage these audiences. The performance and value of any piece of content will heavily depend how relevant it is to your ideal audiences. It’s important to consider the content style. The voice behind the content must address your audiences. It is necessary to choose the right and relevant tone and language. The content should logically target and complement the demographics of your audience.

To reach the right audiences plan your Content marketing objectives then build a strategy on how to best accomplish that plan. Potential customers must be able to find you before they can be engaged, and no matter which social media tools your target audience uses, 89 percent of Americans start the buying process with search – so you should be aiming to engage search audiences of existing and potential customers.

Regularly updated Content creates a huge opportunity for your strategy. The more you educate, inform, or enlighten your audience (community), the more comfortable they will become with your brand, products, and services. You can turn such trust into sales… as we know frequent content updates can be linked directly to online conversions, especially as your community members share the relevant content your site and social media provides.

As your content gets searched and shared through e-newletters, blogs, Facebook, or Twitter, the word-of-web effect of all this is enormous as it drives brand awareness and traffic.

Content marketing is more than the publishing of custom content. It is dependent on strategies that integrate and implement your unique, relevant content to help position you and your brand as an authoritative industry voice in the minds of potential customers… and to transform visitors and community members into viable leads.

Beyond engaging visitors, social media tools share content which can improve SEO campaigns. All quality, authoritative inbound links factor into rankings, so sharing links to informational content and encouraging further social sharing can help boost your site’s search visibility.

Sharing content via the various social media tools allows your community members and potential customers to inform friends and others of positive experiences, which makes social media an ideal channel for your company to profit from word-of-web referrals.

So, we say get out there, get visible, engage and win!

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