Traditional Marketing Integration

  • Get better performance out of your traditional media.
  • Improve the reach of your web marketing initiatives.

Traditional marketing has radically changed with the introduction of web marketing and social media. Traditional media formats like television ads, radio, outdoor advertising, direct mail, and print used to be the primary way to get out a marketing message. But, with the advent of online marketing, the role of traditional marketing has evolved into an option not an imperative. . Companies who understand the differences between traditional media and web marketing have a major advantages as well as the ability to get a greater reach and engagement than traditional marketing strategies.

Online marketing has seen huge success because of its ability to directly engage specific customers and reach people on a personal level. Web marketing platforms are about building a relationship with your customers and potential customers. While these relationships take longer to build, they are ultimately more valuable than those provided by traditional marketing and media.

Traditional marketing and media does still does have value and can be used to further your brand and reach people on a large scale. The graphic below shows the normal approach to traditional media and marketing.  The good news about this approach is that you can invest money into traditional media outlets and get your message and a response very quickly.  The bad news is that this traditional approach is often more expensive and the new leads and customers end with each budget. The other issue is that traditional advertising campaigns may or may not catch a lead or customer when they are ready to buy.  If you catch a potential customer at a bad time you have to hope that you will catch them at the right time during yet another traditional advertising campaign.

Many marketers improve their results by integrating traditional media with their online campaigns. By connecting new leads to social media outlets as well as your web site, you can continue your relationship with your customers and leads. By engaging your customers through the web, you can move them through your sales cycle for current and future purchases. This allows you to build your potential customer base with each new marketing campaign. This cycle of continuously building your base of leads and customers is illustrated in the graphic below.

Everbearing Services has found that by engaging customers through the web, you can build a loyal customer base who will act as advocates for your brand. You can’t give these loyal customers early access to new products, information, discounts, or other means of preferred-customer status. Customers that are loyal to your brand will help you by recruiting their peers and increasing your base.

Let our talented team plan and design your traditional marketing materials and work to integrate them into your online marketing campaign. Learn more about our graphic design services here. To contact us about marketing integration, please click the link below.

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