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  • Engage your leads and clients on the largest social network
  • Improve Search Engine results
  • Connect directly with your target audience

Facebook is by the far the most popular social networking site, with around 1 billion users worldwide. Just about everyone is on Facebook these days including teenagers, their parents and their grandparents! People use Facebook to talk about their interests, communicate about their daily lives, plan events and share information. Many social movements and causes have been propelled because of the involvement of Facebook users and businesses have had increased success, using it as a marketing tool. It is a powerful instrument that can be put to work for your business to communicate your message!

A Facebook business page allows you to connect directly with your customers. You can post status updates about current events, sales and specials. You can ask and answer questions and get feedback. You can network with other businesses and promote your company. It is also possible to run contests and Facebook-only specials as well as take surveys and get customer opinions.

Our team of skilled copy writers and social media experts can help you leverage your position on Facebook to get more visibility, better SEO, and drive more traffic to your website. Through engaging content, photos and videos, we can help you reach your customer base on Facebook and other social media sites!

Click here to see an example of a Facebook page that we manage.

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  • Improve your search results
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Connect with a wide demographic

Twitter is one of the most popular and long-standing social media sites, with over 500 million users currently active. It is considered a “micro-blogging” site, where users can post short updates (up to 140 characters) that are sent out to all of their followers. It is a place where people can communicate succinctly, sharing information quickly all over the world. When an earthquake hit the east coast in 2011, some people saw tweets about the earthquake mere seconds before they themselves felt it. It’s a powerful tool for sharing information quickly and has gained credibility over the years. User’s tweets are often cited in news stories and are heavily indexed by Google and other search engines.

Businesses can use Twitter to reach out to a wide audience and communicate about their products and services. Through short, information-dense tweets, you can tell people what is going on at your company and update them about sales, events and any other pertinent information. You can follow related businesses and community partners to gain understanding of your industry and to communicate easily with colleagues, all while expanding your reach and driving traffic to your website.

Our team of social media experts can help you leverage your business through Twitter. We can work with you to create engaging, sharable content that excites your readers and involves your audience. Through the use of appropriatekeywords and hashtags within the text, we increase your SEOand help your page get found by Twitter users and search engines like Google. We can post updates, manage the page, find followers and even reply to messages. We work with you to make Twitter a part of your business model.

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  • Engage and reach customers through a visual medium
  • Show your portfolio in a unique way
  • Drive traffic to your website through photo links
  • Reach new customers through photo sharing
  • Educate your customers on interesting, unique ways to use your products

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social sharing sites on the web today! It currently has 25 million users but it is increasing constantly. Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board. Users post photos with links that lead back to various websites all over the internet, to keep track of them for later use. Photos are organized by users into their own individual pin boards, depending on the topic and their interests. People have pin boards for gardening ideas, project ideas, recipes, beauty products, birthday party ideas and so much more. You name it, you can pin it! The demographic is primarily women between the ages of 25-65 but it is widening significantly over time, as the site gains popularity. Users are now posting about sports, their favorite cars, travel ideas and even tattoos!

Businesses can use Pinterest to educate customers and promote their own websites, products and services. Through organizing various pin boards, based on topics relevant to your business, you can drive traffic to your website while engaging with your customer base. By following your customers on Pinterest, you can view their boards and learn about their interests and any current trends you may want to focus on.

Our team of experts can help you use Pinterest to your advantage. Through sharing links to your website and other helpful photos, articles and information, we can help to educate your customers and drive traffic to your website. We always recommend that you go to where your customers already are. If your business deals with retail customers and especially has involvement in gardening, food, home décor or health and beauty, Pinterest is a great tool for marketing your business.

To start a Pinterest page for your business, click on the link below!

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  • Directly connect to your business contacts and professional customers
  • Distribute your other social media content to this important customer base
  • Use discussion groups to demonstrate expertise and do market research

LinkedIn is a social media site primarily geared towards businesses and professionals, to provide networking opportunities, employment connections and answers to industry questions. LinkedIn was established in 2003 and currently has around 150 million users. People complete profiles and reach out to other users to find professional connections and to stay up-to-date on information about their business and industry. Users can post helpful content and links to useful websites as well as post their resumes and interact with other users. They network, find business opportunities, jobs, new employees and more.

You can use LinkedIn as a tool to connect with other businesses, network and grow your community. It can be very valuable to establish friendly connections and engage in meaningful interactions on LinkedIn. It helps your business remain strong within your community and industry and it allows for future partnerships. LinkedIn is especially useful for businesses in the wholesale market or those that primarily interact with other businesses (for example, a wholesale nursery). It is also a means to find new employees and to research current applicants and up-and-comers in your industry!

We can help you set up and establish a meaningful LinkedIn profile. We can help you develop meaningful content to post there as well as connect with businesses and individuals in your industry.

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