Blogger Marketing Services

Use our blogger marketing services to:

  • Get product feedback from enthusiasts in your market
  • Develop strong references from opinion leaders
  • Get a grass-roots following in targeted markets
  • Test new products
  • Improve your SEO

To spread the word about your products and get more inbound links to your website, you may want to try a Blogger Outreach Program. There are thousands of popular active bloggers on the web, many with thousands of daily readers. These bloggers write about their subject matter of choice (gardening, food, politics, etc) and people who are interested in those topics follow along. In a Blogger Outreach program, we contact bloggers with high traffic and good reputations. We have them try a sample of your product and review it on their blogs.

This accomplishes two things:

  1. It gives you inbound links back to your website, which drives traffic there and boosts your rankings in search results (improving SEO).
  2. It gives you a free, credible review, from a trusted source that is read by thousands of people. People are more likely to take recommendations on what to buy from people they know/trust. Bloggers with good traffic are often in that position. This review can then be used on your website and social media.

The Everbearing team can execute a well-planned Blogger Outreach program. We research high-quality blogs and spearhead all communication including initial contact and follow-up. We gather the resulting posts to use on your own website and social media and help you handle the resulting influx of new inquiries and purchases.  Let Everbearing Services manage a Blogger Outreach program for your business. Click the link below to get started.

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