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We partner with excellent web hosts to give you the best options for speed and service. While we do not require you to use our web hosting partner, we do help our customers get premium features at a reduced prices.   Our partnership with premium web hosting offers the following advantages:


Premium web hosting increases the speed of your website. When a page loads quickly, visitors are more likely to keep looking. In fact, 47% of consumers expect a page to load within 2 seconds or less. A 10-second delay will more than likely force the customer leave immediately.

We supercharge your site by integrating a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and other systems to get your site to use your visitors’ browser cache properly and to make your site load 3 times faster.


We work to ensure expert security on all the sites we manage, including spam filters, password management and antivirus technology. We make sure that proper security is in place so you don’t have to worry about it.


Premium web hosting can handle heavy traffic and broad readership. When you host your site with a generic hosting provider, you dread the moment when you get mentioned on national sites like Techcrunch or Reddit or CNN because your site would not be able to handle the visitor count. Our customers have been mentioned on all three simultaneously and survived to talk about it.

Our infrastructure adjusts to demands so that your best day isn’t the worst day for your site.

Expert Management

We help you manage your hosting in several helpful ways. We make sure updates and security fixes happen on schedule to prevent problems for you. We can set up web hosting for you when you commit to building a website with us. We will help guide you through the process to make it smooth and easy.

We can also help you transition to a new web host and make recommendations on where to move. We will contact the host and handle all the communication to make the migration as simple as possible for you.

Occasionally, web hosts have technical issues that can affect your website. We keep close watch over your website to make sure that we can tackle and resolve any server problems as soon as they crop up.

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Premium Web Hosting features include:

Content Delivery Network

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited Storage

Load balancers

SFTP Access

Dedicated IP Support

SSL support

Redundant Architecture

Malware Scanning and Removal

Managed Upgrades

Dedicated Firewall

Cloud Scalability

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