Businesses are relying more heavily on Social Media as an affordable vehicle for Content Marketing and Advertising. The benefits of web marketing go beyond a mere Return On Investment (ROI), as found in a recent study from EyeforTravel.

Almost 80 percent of that survey’s respondents indicated they believe social media is about more than just financial gains. Although ROI may be an important component of all marketing strategies, businesses also view Social Media as a means of connecting with customers and establishing long-term relationships.

The rise of mobile device usage (smartphones, tablets) was identified in the study report as a benefit to Social Media marketing. The bulk of marketers view smartphones and tablets as important tools for searching for information and driving sales. A businesses Social media and local SEO can be enhanced, when paired with mobile marketing practices, as the combination gives on-the-go consumers constant access to new and nearby offers. Industry experts are welcoming this upsurge where social, local and mobile combine to influence shopping decisions.

Mobile marketing is expected to help increase customer engagement just like social media has proven to do. According to the report, 38 percent of marketers noted they are able to connect with consumers more effectively through mobile.

It has become evident that socially driven mobile content has the potential to increase brand loyalty, thereby driving sales among nearby on-the-go shoppers.

Some mobile performance metrics shared below are a good reminder to us about the power and influence of mobile, and the need to be implementing mobile marketing in your overall Content marketing plan:

  • 400% increase in mobile searches in the past year
  • 63% of people use mobile search before purchasing
  • One in three mobile searches are local
  • 59% of mobile users share content with their friends

Mobile marketing is Social Media marketing with wheels… and another valuable tool in your web marketing arsenal. It will help increase your web visibility, reach, and impact. In combination with Social and Local it will give your web marketing a powerful 1-2-3 punch – in 2011 and the future.

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