Recently I attended the Farwest tradeshow and in the flurry of activity I outsourced some updates to my LinkedIn profile to someone new. As a result a couple of mistakes were made.

I was amazed at how rapidly my network responded. I ended up with a flurry of notes from associates wondering what the deal was, angry investors from one of my other companies, and general notes of concern from my friends who are looking out for me. This all occurred within a matter of hours of the mistake. After a brief “training moment” with the person who made these entries I was able to fix the problem.

Now that I have time to reflect on the situation I am struck by the reach of my LinkedIn network and what an effective tool it is for managing and communicating with my professional network. By maintaining and updating this content we all have a very effective tool that provides real time news out to our base. We all should pay a little more attention to this powerful tool: I can absolutely confirm that other people do pay attention to it.

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