The Design Process


Our designers always get the backstory before beginning a design. This means we talk with you extensively to understand your business and brand as well as hear about your customers and get your ideas. We research your target market and talk with you about the style, attitude and messages that you want your site to convey. We talk with you and look into your competition to see what has been successful and what hasn’t. While all of these things are part of the design process, the most importance part of researching is learning how the client wants the message to be delivered. Your input is the first, and most vital, step in the design process.

Design Development

Once our research is completed, we move into the design development stage. Research is then combined with the designer’s skill set to begin building the design and forming some rough examples of what the site could look like. This includes, but is not limited to: colors, font choices, typesetting, textures, patterns, imagery, body copy, shape, size, stock choices, special effects, etc. The development stage produces rough drafts of the site that the client can look over to give feedback.


After the client has approved a design direction from a rough draft, the design process goes into production. Here is where the designer pulls together all the elements mentioned above to create a beautiful, polished design that communicates the client’s message and invites new and current customers to come browse. During production, the designer works with you to implement final tweaks and alterations before getting final approval to turn the design into a functioning website.

Contact us today to discuss your design ideas! Learn more about the design process with these helpful links:

Bundle Sites

All of the features of an Express Site, plus additional features at a special bundled price to help you quickly launch your website and expand your web presence.

Custom Sites

With custom websites you have a greater range of services and benefits that can be presented through your website to best meet your budget.

Express Sites

These websites range in various forms and layouts that cover your budget needs. These sites range from brochure websites to folio websites.
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