Recently, when my employer made a change to our mobile phone carrier, I had the opportunity to choose a new Motorola Droid as my phone. Moving from an older Windows Mobile phone to the Droid was a dramatic improvement. After making the move, as I explored all the new applications that you could use on the Android operating system, I came across something I had never heard about before. QR Codes.

What is a QR code you ask? The QR code was created by a Japanese corporation, Denso-Wave, back in 1994 to help them track parts used in automobile manufacturing. The QR stands for “Quick Response”. In Japan, QR codes are very popular, and most current Japanese phones can read this code with their camera. The Google Android operating system supports the use of QR codes natively by using the barcode scanner software.

Today the codes are used in a much broader context aimed at mobile phone users. The intent of the code was to provide information to the user very quickly in a compact form. Using one of several free QR code generators, a company or individual can create a QR code that will display the company’s website or phone number to the person who scans the code into their phone.

Since I found out about QR codes, I am noticing that companies are starting to use them all over the place. You might see them in a magazine, on a billboard or a web page. I’ve even heard about people putting them on their t-shirts. In the near future, you are likely to start seeing these in more and more places. One could be added to your business card containing your contact information, so that your clients can add you to their contact list on their cell phone. You can add them to print advertising with information inside, such as product details, a coupon, Facebook or Twitter information or details about upcoming events. The versatility in their use is pretty amazing considering their compact form.

Currently, few companies may be using them, however for those that do, their tech savvy customers will certainly appreciate their tech knowledge. At the very least, it might open some doors for conversation, which might lead to a potential sale.

If you are interested in creating your own QR codes, visit Kaywa’s QR code generator. You can also visit their site to get a QR code reader. Everbearing can help you integrate QR codes into your web presence. Do you think this tool could allow you to connect more closely with your customers?

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