With the ongoing and never-ending need for unique web Content to match up with Internet searches, businesses need to create and publish great Content. To do that, businesses’ need to have a strategy in place for developing such Content.

Great Content is more than just good copywriting! Copy is only one component of an overall ‘Content Strategy’. Great Content also includes all the images and videos that make your site more appealing and accessible. By planning your Content Strategy, using an Editorial Calendar, you can ensure that your site will always have new, excellent Content.

Great Content doesn’t just happen

The goal of Content Strategy is to use words, data and images to produce unique Content that drives meaningful, interactive experiences with an audience. A business needs to also consider how Content will be shared and/or re-purposed on the Internet. Maximizing the impact of Content is a way to reach business goals. Developing and publishing great Content is a method to engage an audience, convey a message, and inspire action.

A Content Strategy can help you to generate Content that is:

  1. readable
  2. understandable
  3. searchable
  4. actionable
  5. shareable

A strategic starting point for great Content is an Editorial Calendar. Editorial Calendars are a great way to plan Content ahead of time. Although it takes time, planning Content in advance helps you to know where your Content is headed so you can reach your goals and deliver unique Content.

Implementing a Content plan

An Editorial Calendar is a month-by-month plan that is built around (and supports) sales events, a monthly theme or focus, and/or seminars. An Editorial Calendar is used by businesses to facilitate and control publication of their Content across the Internet. It is used to organize Content and ensure Content is published at regular intervals. It focuses and correlates Content generation for:

  • Website text
  • Online advertisements
  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Social media
  • Public relations

Using an Editorial Calendar

Editorial calendars are effective in defining the process of creating content from idea generation to writing and publication.

Here are some tips for developing your Editorial Calendar:

  • Create an effective, focused calendar based on your marketing plan
  • Align Content with business goals
  • Develop the best Content Strategy for your business
  • Reduce the cost of Content creation with best practices

An Editorial Calendar should involve this Content creation process:

  • Brainstorm Content ideas to publish and decide where and when to publish it
  • Write each piece of Content based on a schedule
  • Proof/edit each piece of Content
  • Publish each piece of Content

Editorial Calendars can also help guarantee that you have a good amount of Content variety resulting in more consistent postings. Planning and executing your Content Strategy is a daunting task. To tackle this challenge, businesses should rely heavily on an Editorial Calendar.

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