We love it when you ask us questions about our services. However, there is one somewhat obvious and important question that we don’t often hear:

“How can we get the most value out of your services?”

Our team looked at all of our clients and we realized that the ones who have actively collaborated with us to achieve their goals have experienced the best results and, at the same time, helped us to improve our services overall. This productive collaboration has resulted in the highest traffic growth and lead generation for these clients.

As we want all our customers to experience the most positive of changes we thought it might be useful to outline some of the things that have helped us to improve our services.

Let us know what is important

It helps us to understand a business’ goals and for them to update us as those goals evolve. Such goals or changes can include:

What part of your business you want to grow this year?
Are there business categories that are more profitable (or ones to avoid)?
Have there been any major changes to your business model?
Is there anything that that has tangibly changed about how your approach your business?

Note: Related to this, we want to know what searches you want to show up on or social media communities you want to be active in.

Sometimes our clients are reticent to let us know these things thinking that, “Everbearing are the experts, etc…” While we do have an extensive knowledge about web marketing, you and your team are in the trenches daily making your business work. As a result, you have the best insight into what is working right now as well as how your customers’ tastes are changing.

We add value when we get such vital information. We use our research tools to validate your thoughts or get additional insights that you may not have. We can then use this information to get the best performance out of your website and deliver insights or trends to help your team get better results in the day-to-day running of the business.

Let us know who you are up against

Just like your business, your competitors evolve and change over time. To do the best job for you, Everbearing Services can run a report to analyze how your website performs versus your competitors’ sites. These reports allow us to review the total traffic they have versus your company as well as specific keywords or content that is getting them said traffic. We can then use that information to improve your company’s performance, relative to the competition. Understanding where your company sits, compared to others, helps us evaluate whether we are winning or losing in the war for web traffic and ultimately clients. Just letting us know two or three competitors and letting us know as these change can really give us some insights that we can use to help you get an edge on the competition.

Tell us what a win is

One of the biggest improvements in Google Analytics and other web measurement software is the ability to monitor key events that result in sales. The ability to track and measure performance has radically improved over the last 24 months and we are able to track or measure tangible events that lead up to or result in sales much more effectively than ever before. If you let us know what you consider a success, we can work with your team to come up with ways to effectively measure this. This will help us keep our efforts in line with what your company wants out of its relationship with Everbearing Services.

Let us know your pain

If your team does not feel like we are helping in achieving the goals you want or it does not seem like things are performing the way you want them to, we need to know. The only way we can improve our services or make adjustments is if we know when you have a concern. Our goal is to provide the best service and performance we can. If your web strategy is not working or there have been changes in the business that are presenting new challenges – we need to know it. We will make adjustments where we can to support you in the challenges you and your team are facing.

Understand we made a decision to be in this with you

Although we don’t really talk about it, part of Everbearing Services qualification process is determining if we want to work with a company and its team. We realized, early on, that what we do only enhances and promotes the products and services our clients provide. If we do not believe in the company we are evaluating, we know that we won’t be successful. Likewise, if the management and team supporting the company are not effective we know things are not going to work either. We have and will continue to pass on opportunities with companies we do not believe in. If you are one of our clients, we believe in you and your company.

Thanks for reading this and working with us.
Please let us know if there are any ways we can do a better job for you.

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