I launched this three-part series on Local Search in June by analyzing the impact of Reviews on local marketing. Then in July, I examined the local marketing impact of Social Media. Now in August, I will wrap up this blog series as we continue looking for ‘a method in the search madness’. I will discuss the role and impact of Content on local marketing efforts.

Content (or copy) refers to any of the written words on your website and other media outlets. Web copy is written with many objectives in mind. It should be written to engage your customers and to educate and inform them about your business. Content is also written to achieve higher rankings in search engines, through the use of keywords and phrases.

Well written unique, custom Content will:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Improve your search engine results
  • Improve sales

Although Content marketing (attracting and retaining customers by creating and sharing relevant Content) has been around for years, it was just in 2012 that it (Content Marketing) became a buzzword attached to the process.

In a B2C (Retail or Business-to-Consumer) setting, it has been reported that 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies that offer custom Content. In a B2B (Business-to-Business) setting, 60% of business decision makers say branded Content helps them make better purchase decisions.

Companies need to plan their Content strategies with long-term goals in mind. A balance of web Content is needed to address what new prospects need, as well as what individuals already in the sales funnel need. Customers performing online searches for businesses are very prone to buy, according to recent Nielsen data, and 85% of all customers look for companies’ data online.

Great Content can be applied to many facets of a web presence:

  • Write original copy to populate your website.
  • Write original copy for electronic newsletters and blogs.
  • Write original copy for your social media accounts.
  • Write original copy for press or news releases, video scripts, online inventory or catalog descriptions, as well as Public Relations copy you provide.

Great web copy is concise, engaging and entertaining. Most people prefer unique, relevant content over blatant advertising. Custom Content raises awareness of your business with your target customers.

People spend at least four hours a week using computers to access the Internet, and visitors logging in with smartphones and tablets even exceed that number. Internet users are potential customers! They visit or call local businesses after they read website Content. Today’s Internet audience demands original, compelling content.

Your website is only as good as the Content you generate and post! Grow your social base with unique and engaging Content to drive search results. Give us all call for advice and/or support with your Content needs!

Here are links to my June and July blogs:



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