In my September blog, I briefly reviewed the importance of having a personal and company profile on LinkedIn. With its 225 million + users, LinkedIn was recently rated the most important social platform for generating new business. So, now let’s take it to the next level with an overview of the opportunities of the recent upgrades:

  • Easily accessed social ‘Share’ button posts your updates to Twitter and Facebook
  • ‘Improve Your Profile’ button automatically walks you through profile updating
  • New ‘Company Pages Update’ area
  • A ‘Sponsored Update’ tool
  • Company Page Analytics
  • Find out who has viewed your Page and reach out to them
  • An ‘Upgrade’ button takes you to three Company Page paid upgrade options, each offers access to enhanced and deeper searches and services
  • Posting of presentations (videos and webinars)
  • Integrate your Blog
  • Establish a Business account
  • Place ads
  • View Company Updates by using the infinite scrolling feature
  • Comment and Like Company Updates as the Company
  • View historic Company Updates

Consider extending your reach and influence with a Business account and LinkedIn Ad campaigns.

LinkedIn Business accounts differ from personal accounts in a few ways. You need one before you can set up an advertising campaign on the site. A business account will also let you separate ads, campaign settings, and billing information from your personal LinkedIn account. You can reach the targeted professional audience of your choice though LinkedIn Ads.

Your ad would appear on:

  • Profile Page – when members view the profile of other LinkedIn members
  • Home Page – the page members see when they sign in to LinkedIn
  • Inbox – the page where members see messages and invitations to connect
  • Search Results Page – the page that results when you search for a member by name
  • Groups – when members view pages in their group

Once established, a Business account and Ad campaigns require ongoing adjustments, updates, and management. The team here at Everbearing can support your social advertising efforts.

The new and/or improved features will help you:

  • Expand your business
  • Find new customers
  • Recruit good talent
  • Increase your visibility, credibility, and social influence

These more active new features allow you to better promote yourself and your business, add them to your social media strategy.  The new opportunities there now virtually can make your LinkedIn page another company website!

Here are several links to companies that utilize the opportunities available:

  • Lenovo:

  • Nike

  • Keen

Engage with the ‘new and improved’ LinkedIn today, and enjoy the enhanced experience as you learn more about LinkedIn by clicking here.

Please share a social ad experience below with us.

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