The New Year is a great time to focus on web marketing strategy and planning. Now is the perfect time to update your marketing calendar and plan out your web goals for 2015. From website maintenance to content writing, the team at Everbearing Services is here to help you maximize your reach and get those potential customers to give you a call. Keep reading for a list of recommended web techniques and services that we provide.


Blogging is an easy way to keep your website current and increase performance on search results. Regular blog posting helps you index better on Google and other search engines, especially when you incorporate keywords that your customers are searching for! Blogs are great sharable content too, as a way to post to social media and drive traffic. Everbearing Services offers assistance with blog strategy, keyword research, content writing, editing and posting. Click here to learn more.


Reach your customers immediately with regular, relevant newsletters sent directly to their email inbox! Regular newsletters help customers stay up to date with all the products and services you offer. It’s also a great way to educate them on related subjects and to keep your name on their minds. The writing team at Everbearing Services offers assistance with strategy as well as writing, editing and sending newsletters to your customers and potential customers. Click here to learn more.

Social Media

This is another great way to reach customers and keep your brand relevant and easy to remember. There are several social media sites that businesses can utilize to advertise sales and events as well as share news and updates. The most successful businesses also share fun, relevant content that customers want to share with their friends. Contact the marketing experts at Everbearing Services to discuss social media strategy. We offer writing, posting and outreach on all major social media sites including:

Site Maintenance

Monthly site maintenance is important to keep a website running smoothly. The development team at Everbearing Services can manage your site on a monthly basis, evaluate its performance and work on improving it, along with implementing any software upgrades. Depending on your support plan, we provide up to two hours of technical support monthly. We automatically implement a fix when compromises, hacks or crashes have occurred and work to prevent them from happening in the first place. We update WordPress core and plugins regularly as well as the site template code, if needed. We scan the site for malicious code each month running 3 different scanning and cleaning utilities to detect and remove any malicious code. Click here to discuss your website.

SEO MOZ Site Fixes

Regular site reports are essential for tracking your progress and improving your website’s performance. We use a tracking tool called SEO MOZ to help us with this process. This tool provides easy-to-read monthly reports covering many aspects of a website’s health and traffic, while monitoring social media performance as well. This tool also helps us do a better job maintaining websites for our clients. Google as well as the other search engines make 400-600 updates (changes) a year. This tool will notify us if any of these changes adversely affect a client site, and tells us what to do to modify a website to work with these changes. As a part of our support program our team automatically applies these change updates either monthly or quarterly (depending on support plan). Click here to discuss your website.

Online Ad Campaigns

A highly effective and relevant way to reach potential customers is through online advertising. With their excellent SEO technology, Google Ad Campaigns can target your exact audience to entice them to your website. Everbearing Services is equipped to build and manage online ad campaigns. This includes writing the ad copy as well as the landing page (the place on your website that the ad leads to), managing the campaign and targeting keywords. Click here to discuss your ad campaign.

We welcome a new year and hope that all of your marketing plans are going well. Call on our team today to assist you in maximizing your reach!

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