Inbound Links have always been an important part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To acquire more Links faster, some businesses buy Links or try to manufacture artificial Link earning rather than committing to a long term Link earning strategy. These quick fix solutions are no longer effective. Search engines are always evolving and such practices are now easily detected and sometimes penalized.

There are multiple ways to legitimately acquire Links. An Inbound Link is an external reference to your website from an outside source (like another website or directory). You receive Inbound Links when another site mentions you and/or Links to your site. Search engines’ view these Links like votes or endorsements from sources outside your company or website.

Links are a major component in determining website rankings and results. Just like Link endorsements from people, Inbound Links have a different value based on the credibility of the source. So, high quality Inbound Links, like reviews, get more credit (or more votes) than a mention on another local website. The more high quality Inbound Links you have, the more visible your website content is.

While Links are part of Google’s search engine ranking process (algorithm) they use many other factors as well. Just focusing only on Links will probably cause more concerns for your website than they actually help. Google’s algorithms have improved its ability to detect manipulative low-quality Links.

Links are still a major part of the ranking algorithm, just not the only one. Links still have a role to play now and in the future. They are still essential for search engine robots to crawl and index. As long as you build Links with an emphasis on content and authenticity, you will be fine.

This legend of the Links to be continued in my April blog, where I will cover Link building sources and activities…

In the meantime ponder this…

Think of Link building as a methodical process:

  • Determine your business’ inherent, basic value
  • Determine your unique selling proposition
  • Understand your target audience
  • Understand your industry presence

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