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Blogs and newsletters are a great way to get information, updates, news and promotions out to your customer base. Blogs are posted directly to your website and newsletters are sent out to the email addresses of your audience. Both are sharable on all social media outlets and create great content for your customers! Our skilled team is here to help!


  • Demonstrate your expertise and leadership
  • Improve search engine results
  • Educate your audience

A blog is an easy way to update your website continuously and get good information out to your audience. Websites that are frequently updated are better indexed in search engines and are more likely to get found when people search the web. Blogs can be written on any subject that interests your audience and pertains to your business. It is a great way to educate customers, help solve common mistakes and to promote your products and services. Blogs should include photos and keywords, to maximize search results and should be kept to a reasonably short length. The Everbearing team can help write, edit and post your blogs to your website!


  • Connect directly with customers in an inexpensive, reliable way
  • Offer direct promotions, sales and incentives to your base
  • Remind your audience that you are available for business

A newsletter is a great way to speak directly to your customers and those interested in your business. Newsletters are normally sent out monthly but should be sent out no more than weekly. They can contain pieces of news, information on sales and specials, event information and helpful articles. Our skilled design team can build you a custom newsletter template to match your website and our writers will help you generate meaningful content and find photos. Email addresses can be collected right on the website but the most successful lists start with emails that you provide from your years in business. Together, we can put together attractive, content-rich newsletters that inform and educate your customers.

Quick facts about newsletters:

  • Most recipients prefer short, succinct newsletters.
  • The average open rate for a newsletter is 15-20% of all recipients
  • An open rate of 30% or higher is considered excellent
  • You can direct traffic to your website by linking it to several places throughout the newsletter.

The Everbearing team includes skilled copy writers who can help you edit and write meaningful content for your blogs and newsletters. They work with you to develop good topics, incorporate keywords, and execute the posting and sending of your blogs and newsletters. We have many different levels of engagement available so contact us today.

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