A/B and Multivariate

Use A/B and Multivariate testing to:

  • Test new strategies
  • Take the guess work out of web marketing
  • Increase revenues

A/B and Multivariate Testing is a precise, innovative way to take the guess work out of your marketing. Often, marketing is based on a series of educated guesses based on anecdotal information. A/B and multivariate testing is a way to get actual data on how people are responding to your web marketing efforts.

Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference as to how people respond. Our team can set up A/B tests to do side-by-side comparisons on all types of web marketing strategies. Our multivariate testing suite allows us to try multiple versions with slightly different styles. With this, we optimize the results we archive with standard A/B test.

We can test how people respond to changes to any part of your website.  We can test changes in layout, design, content, colors, photos, or videos. Virtually any other part of your site.  This allows us try out different web copy and photo material as well as more detailed strategies like page titles and even fonts. We can set up and compare two ads or web pages (one with new changes, one without) to see how long people remain on the pages and whether they follow through and convert from a visitor to a customer.

We are able to test changes to your page against the current design. Allowing us to determine which ones produce the best results. By validating any new design or change to your webpage, you can improve your conversion rate. This testing allows your organization to make marketing decisions that are backed by data! This shifts your conversations about your site from what “we think” to what “we know.”

Finally, by measuring small changes and making small incremental improvements, your organization can get really big results. Our team can set up and implement every step of A/B testing. We can implement any changes you want to try out (in web copy, design or other area) then set up the program to track the testing. Then we will analyze the data and go over all of the information with you to better hone in on your customer’s habits and desires to fine-tune your web marketing strategy. Find out how can improve your results with A/B testing today!

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