1. Try something new

While it can be hard to keep up on every new web trick and social media site, it’s worth paying attention to see what new things are really catching on. Especially with your customer base! Many social media sites and advertising tools are low cost. Some, like Instagram and Twitter, are totally free if you manage them yourself. Others, like Google AdWords or Facebook Promoted Posts, can work within your budget and don’t have a contract or commitment attached. And if something doesn’t work when you’ve tried your best, you can move onto something else.  A small financial investment can occasionally have a big payoff.

Evergreen Nursery knows that many gardeners are on Pinterest. So, they have a page there that is relevant to potential customers and is updated regularly.

  1. Find out where your Customers Are

By this we mean- where are your customers hanging out online? Are they obsessed with Pinterest? Are they on news websites, like CNN.com, all the time? Do they consistently respond to emails? Find out the top websites and communication methods that work for your customers and find them there! Potential customers are much more likely to interact with you and respond to your business if they can stay in their comfort zones. Once you are there, you can ask them for feedback, advertise your business and interact!

  1. Find the most Natural Fit(s)

This one is pretty straight-forward but is so important and effective! Use the right media for your products and services. If your business benefits from visual aids (ex. Plant nurseries, florists, interior designers, etc.), use photo-centric media to promote your products. Get on Instagram and Pinterest and post often to attract attention. Add larger quality images and galleries to your website. If your products or services could benefit from explanations and story-telling, get a YouTube channel and create content there that can be shared all across the web. Find what naturally works best for your business.


  1. Say what you do!

This point cannot be stressed enough. Having clear, concise content on your website is one of the best things you can to do increase your reach on the web. You need more than just a few photos to make a website functional! Great content will tell your customers quickly and easily what you have to offer. It also makes your site much more attractive to Google and other search engines. Websites with quality content always rank higher. Learn more about content strategy here.

  1. Ask for Help

Many people feel overwhelmed with web marketing because their business is already so busy and time consuming- not to mention the rest of life! We understand how stressful it can be to try and juggle too many things. That is why we recommend getting help for your website and web marketing strategy. Hire a dedicated web person to your staff or reach out to an outside company. Everbearing caters all our services to the needs of our clients. We manage websites, marketing campaigns, web strategy, social media and more. Talk to us today to get help with your website!



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